Parkwood Aged Care, Queensland.

The site is central to, and on the boundaries of, the residential populations of Parkwood and Arundel. Visitor and resident access is controlled and co-ordinated for the safety and security of the occupants. The distinctive central form is the building entrance which has a welcoming cafe and beauty
salon at the threshold to a two storey volume which then leeds onto the reception. Pedestrian permeability is through simple and legible access which filters through the core facilities to each of
the resident domains. Clear linear access routes throughout the buildings and site enhance legibility
and keep all spaces easy to access and navigate. At each of the domains private rooms either directly access or look over externally landscaped courtyards that are the foundation of intimate, passive, communal gathering or a landscape for therapeutic activity.

The heart and focus of the scheme is resident well-being and connectivity with the courtyards and open spaces which are formed and bounded by the resident private spaces. Connection at ground level is both physically direct and visual with upper levels retaining a visual surveillance of people passing through along with the rustling of leaves from the treetops. The courtyards evoke a meditative clamness through the raw natural materials, warming colours, water features and the oasis of planting colours, textures and fragrances. They are places that bring people together, either professionally or socially, or are places for solefull rejuvenation. Either way they bring residents and affiliates in contact with the fresh air and sunlight, stimulating the senses. As therapeutic landscapes to inspire an entourage of activities, be they active or passive, that enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the people that use them. To encourage outdoor interaction for exercise, tranquility, sensory stimulation, meditation, sunlight and fresh air.

An aged care facility within a residential location is part of the fabric that defines community and maintains proximity and convenience to family and acquaintances.