Victoria Square, Broadbeach.

There is a masterplan of exploration and deliberations being undertaken at Victoria Square. The proposed refurbishment of the podium and tower facades is just one of these.

With the existing facades scutinized and evaluated, a number of prominent architectural elements were  identified. These being the podium black glazed cubes and white concrete banding to the tower at each level. They became the key constituents to rationalise and provide cohesion to the overall architectural expression. Other pressing issues raised included an entrance statement to the tower, particularly for visitor idetification. An enclosure of the plaza would also be valued for usable space.

Three schemes were prepared, each acquired from the mall, the tower banding and the podium cubic forms. Each scheme to start the journey and raise discussion by the Body Corporate and residents to assist in formulating the brief and future aspirations.

Scheme one is the combination of a cube and twisted horizontal banding. The reds and hues thereof completing the primary colour palette of the mall. With the yellow Air tower to the east, the blues of the Oasis Shopping Centre and now the red to the south of Victoria Square. This is also symbolic to Chinese culture and good fortune. 

Scheme two  is the image pixel option, amplified and projected. Interactive and static art installations, community displays and advertising panels provide an enticing balanced visual display into the Australian environment, art and culture. Not quite times Square.

Scheme three is a complete cubic vortex that extends into the pedestrian mall paved surface to darw on the patrons attention and movement towards and into the plaza domain and it's activities.