Calamvale Apartments, Beaudesert Rd, Queensland.

A village community in close proximity to Calamvale Central Shopping Centre, Conference Centre and Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre. One hundred and fifteen living units incorporates four apartment buildings, one duplex apartment building and twenty nine townhouses. These are complemented by a garden esplanade with a number of community activities and a central facilities with a swimming pool. The height and bulk of the development has been managed architecturally to enable a suitable transition in scale and landscape screening to maintain the privacy of the adjacent residential areas. Apartment buildings have been cut into the land to enable the lower carpark levels to be partly buried and the buildings to be seen as three storeys. They have also been positioned to avoid shadow and privacy impacts on the surrounding residential areas.

The groupings of the Townhouses will be in sites of 3-4 to avoid the presentation of long unrelieved walls of building;